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Wilhoit Mineral Springs - Wilhoit, Oregon

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As mentioned on the previous page, my family has been drinking the mineral waters from Wilhoit for generations.  It has been a destination for family outings and was even being owned for a time by family members.  Below are pictures from a visit on May 20, 2006.

Trailhead Uncle Al's old house Looking back towards the entrance.
Trailhead Uncle Al's old house
(now the caretaker's residence)
Looking back towards the entrance.
Three generations of Duntons The trail. Admiring beautiful specimen trees
Three generations of Duntons
(All Schoenborn descendants)

The trail.

Admiring beautiful specimen trees
Older generation passing on memories Getting ready to fill bottles. Lo-tech bottling
Older generation passing on memories of what used to be where. Getting ready to fill bottles.  This is the site of the old well house.  Concrete steps in the background where the entrance. Lo-tech bottling operation.  I the old days, they used to bottle in glass bottle and cap.  We plan on resurrecting the tradition on the next trip.
New Pump Group Shot Cover re-installed
The county installed this well and hand pump several years back.  Even though it is only about 100 yards away from the artesian well, the water is less carbonated and higher in sulfur content. Group Shot.
This represents three generations of Schoenborn family members (who all happen to have the last name of Dunton)
The area washed down to remove any debris and the cover re-installed.
Packing out. Packing Out. Loading Up.
Packing out the water supply. Getting heavier. Loading.
  Entrance Sign  
  Entrance Sign  

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